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Precision OCXOs and TCXOs for Time and Frequency Sync Standards

Navigating the requirements for precision clocks supporting the various network standards is no easy task.This is true for the existing ratified standards like ITU-G.8261, ITU-G.8262 Option 1 and Option 2, ITU-G.8163, GR-813 and GR-1244 as well as the ITU standards still in draft for packet timing IEEE1588 network elements such as ITU-G.8272 and ITU-G.8273.

Connor Winfield has created a list of precision OCXOs and TCXOs that support the various network technologies such as Synchronous Ethernet, Sonet, OTN and IEEE1588, hi-lighting the key requirements for the clocks supporting the required standards at the various levels of the network elements being designed for.

View the complete table outline of network elements and supporting standards here.